With the Poker Smile Painting Donald Trump shirt. l Wish Hank Johnson was running just to make them look intellectually inferior. Ooooooo they must be biased because they are allowed to have a personal opinion. Corruption runs so deep in our government, I doubt there’s an honest person to be found. McCune Or that they are embarrassed beyond words to have this imbecile representing America. A majority of people in this country (period)Carol Carter Ahl too bad none of those people are in the Democratic Party.

Poker Smile Painting Donald Trump shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Poker Smile Painting Donald Trump Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies
Poker Smile Painting Donald Trump Hoodie
Poker Smile Painting Donald Trump LongSleeve
Poker Smile Painting Donald Trump Sweatshirt
Poker Smile Painting Donald Trump Unisex

Elle Fanning showed up to the premiere of Les Miserables wearing ditsy Valentino couture and our perennial fave Priyanka Chopra made her Cannes debut in a statement glittery, black, strapless gown by Roberto Cavalli accompanied with Poker Smile Painting Donald Trump shirt. They have to be able to convince the American people that their lives are NOT better than before Trump. CNN knows all of the important issues are ones these candidates have no ideas about. I am 100 % sure you CANNOT post any policies your disgusting Democratic Party has for America. Please state for me the Democratic party’s issues on foreign policy, infrastructure, the national debt, healthcare reform, immigration reform. Carol Carter Ahl wow, you must have set a really low bar or you’re extremely delusional.

Fit & style

  • Model wears size medium and is 6’1.5″
  • Lightweight cotton-blend fabric provides breathable, all-day comfort
  • Short-sleeve tee makes for a simple and versatile wardrobe staple
  • Can easily be paired with a variety of bottoms for casual everyday wear


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