He was probably already a child predator. His entire visit was probably based on a 1000 Rocket Ronnie O’Sullivan shirt that family. He should never, ever be up for parole. This beautiful child I always ask why? Why would someone do this to a baby? What are people thinking when they see a child or any human and think to do such horrible things? It saddens my heart that society has become so mean and hateful. May she have love and light in her journey to forever peace and love. Right before you die you feel so much fear but just as you are going you get.

1000 Rocket Ronnie O’Sullivan shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

1000 Rocket Ronnie O'Sullivan Sweater
1000 Rocket Ronnie O'Sullivan Tank top
Tank top

The most incredible peace wash over your body and soul. That 1000 Rocket Ronnie O’Sullivan shirt is so strong and amazing no fear no pain just pure peace. I think that’s gods gift to us as we all die so getting to feel the most absolute pure peace just as your life leaves your body and mind.

1000 Rocket Ronnie O'Sullivan Hoodie

It was so hard to come back from that  1000 Rocket Ronnie O’Sullivan shirt then to keep fighting my illness in so much pain How is it you can look at a child and think in your head of killing them? I just can’t understand what is going through these monsters’ heads.


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