Hottrendshirts – Titleist 2021 shirt

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A rumpled striped linen suit from spring 2020 got a second chance, as did a black sculptural knit dress from fall 2020. Other looks mashed together seasons and years, with best-sellers next to items you may have missed (all made to Hoffman’s sustainability standards, mostly in natural fibers like Tencel, alpaca, and linen). One of the Titleist 2021 shirt and by the same token and only brand-new items was also the most exciting: a fluffy ivory sweater knitted from wool sourced from a regenerative farm in California. It’s the first glimpse of an ongoing partnership with the Climate Beneficial program at Fibershed, a nonprofit that develops regenerative fiber systems and connects farmers with designers and manufacturers. (Hoffman isn’t the only designer getting into “regenerative ag”; Gucci recently announced it would invest in regenerative agriculture as part of an effort to offset its emissions.)

Titleist 2021 shirt

In addition to making a statement about waste and newness, this project is Hoffman’s first experiment in a “buy-now-wear-now” model. She will release these pieces over the Titleist 2021 shirt and by the same token and course of the next few months—she isn’t waiting until the spring season “starts” in February—and plans to do the same with her future collections. It’s a decision made for her customer, and her next goal is to offer similarly friendly prices. By trimming her brand’s wholesale accounts from a few hundred to just 10, she’s confident she can eliminate certain retail margins and align style and sustainability in an accessible way.

Titleist 2021 s Hoodie

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