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The idea of social distancing then is intuitive: to break the Cuz I thought I heard a mf say something shirt besides I will buy this spread of an infection passed person-to-person by keeping people from interacting. One century after the Spanish flu, we turn to the same toolbox for pandemic COVID-19. When a rapidly-spreading infection cannot be contained, public health officials can move to a mitigation strategy, which means that by slowing transmission, there are fewer cases over time, which prevents resurgence of the virus and overwhelming the healthcare system (as experienced in Italy), buying time to develop and scale up medications and vaccines. Experts in crisis communication note that true pandemonium in crisis is uncommon—people not only act rationally but are often supportive of their neighbors and community. Infections remind us that we are all in this together, and an effective response requires cooperation and healthy social systems. “However we choose to think of the social body,” writes Biss, “We are each other’s environment. Immunity is a shared space—a garden we tend together.”

Cuz I thought I heard a mf say something shirt

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